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Mr. Braham and Mr. Donahue are going to lead a day hike to Mary’s Peak which is located West of Corvallis this Saturday, June 10th. Mary’s Peak is the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range. At this time we have 5 open spots for scouts. We plan to meet at 7am at ECS so that we may be on trail by 8:30. It will be a ten mile hike through cool Douglas Fir and Nobel Fir forests to the top of Mary’s Peak. We will be hiking the North Ridge Trail which rises 2,300 feet. Since we have such a challenging elevation climb, we are limiting this to scouts who are First Class and above. We plan on being back that same day between 3 and 5 pm. Any scouts who are interested in going, please e-mail Mr. Braham or let him know at Troop on Tuesday. Remember, space is limited so it will be open to the first five scouts who respond unless other adults are willing to go. We will have a 5 minute meeting after circle with the boys who are attending to answer any questions or concerns.

Kind regards,

James Braham