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This week is Court of Honor! We will be starting at 7pm, and should be done around 8pm, in time for goodies and good company!

We will have 45 merit badges to hand out. If your scout is on the following list, they will be receiving at least one merit badge:

Andrew Hruby, Connor Griffiths, Derek McCormick, Derek Saxman, Duncan Yozzo, Elijah Henderson, Evan Phan, Gabe Pressly, Hunter Montez, Ian Clevenger, Jacob MacPherson, James Hebert, Josh Hebert, Josiah MacPherson, Kameron Darling, Orion Braham, Sean Gaudette, Taylor Altmiller, Wiley Watts, Zane Grace

In addition, the following scouts will be receiving rank badges:

Elijah Henderson, Evan Phan, Josh Hebert, Taylor Altmiller, Derek McCormick

If your scout is on this list, please be prepared to accompany them on stage while we present the badge.

We will also have badges for Rendezvous, Klondike, and Journey to Excellence.

If your scout would be receiving a badge or award, but is unable to attend this Court of Honor, please let me know! Thank you!

Gwendy Darling
Advancement Coordinator