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Here is some interesting information/ story of the speaker for whom they want the flag ceremony for :

Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 9th – The Fun committee has scheduled a special speaker in honor of our Veterans. Come listen to Brett Miller from the Wounded Warrior Project, this will be a worthwhile meeting to attend and a great way for us to honor all of the men and women who work so faithfully to protect our freedom and country. If you know a Veteran and want to bring them, please do so. Please read a small excerpt below from Brett Miller’s bio.

In 1998, Brett joined the Army National Guard. He says he felt right at home because the high-tension, adrenaline-filled environments for the military and fighting wild land fires similar to his past work experience.

Deployed to Iraq in 2004, Brett barley made it home alive.

"I was conducting a convoy security operations in a Humvee gun truck when a roadside bomb went off six feet from the door. I smelled sulfur and the sky went black. It all goes blank for me from there"

Come July 9th to Greeters to hear the rest of this Veterans story and help us celebrate the work of our Veterans.

(This a Speaker for the Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Greeters meeting at the Elks club).


Brian Thompson