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Dear Troop,

Spring is coming soon and Johnson Brothers is a great nursery that offers us the opportunity to sell their gift cards and keep 20% for our ISA’s. The gift cards come in $25 and $50 increments, so you can earn $5 or $10 off each each card (but remember the troop will take 10% of your sale. For example if you sell a $50 gift card you will earn $9 as the troop will earn $1). The money deducted from your "earnings" are passed onto the Troop. These funds are used to pay for awards, supplies and trailer maintenance etc. Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who are able to step up and provide fundraising opportunities for TROOP 282!

I have attached an order form that you may use to sell them. I will pick some up to fill orders on Tuesday evening. If you haven’t pre-sold some, you may check them out to sell. If you check some out, I need you to commit to sell them or communicate with me frequently about how many you have left.

If you have never been to Johnson Brothers, here is a link to check it out. They are the nursery that we get our Poinsettias from. They are located 1.5 mile beyond the town of Coburg.

Happy selling,

Mrs. King



JB Gift Card Order Form.pdf