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Hello Troop,

Summer Camp will be at Camp Parsons, July 15-21, 2018. The camp fee is $390.00. They require half down by February 5th and the remainder due by May 20th. There will be additional costs due to gas to get to camp that will be charged after camp.

We need to have scouts sign up for camp soon. We have reserved 35 spots for scouts. If we need more, we need to ask soon because the camp is full already.

For 1st Class Scouts and above, there will be a high adventure bicycling trip on the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound. The trip will be in early August and will cost about $275. We will be taking sign-ups for that too.

Our Troop has been paid for Duck parking duties and is waiting for final payment for the Cans & Bottles. We hope to pay the scouts for their work by the end of the month or at least in early January, in time for them to pay for summer camp.

Karen King