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Hello Parents.

I am excited to be taking your boys on this trip for the next two weeks. I wanted to bring up a few things prior to our trip for you to think about:

(PLEASE if you are in town attending circle is highly recommended for all parents of scouts who will be going to summer camp and/or Yellowstone!!!!)

Boots and Shoes:

Please have your sons wear their hiking boots/shoes for a full day or a couple days before we go on this trip. These boys tend to grow fast and the boots that fit them last fall or even last month may be getting tight and walking on a trail is the wrong place to figure it out. If they have new boots they need to work on breaking them in. If the boots are close to being too small now by the time they walk 3 miles they will be so really check their feet. Check the boots with double socks for hiking.

BSA requires closed toe shoes.

The scouts will need some sort of shoe they can wear in the water for fishing. You all know your scouts and even if they say they will stand next to the water and not get their shoes wet 90% will be soaked in 20 minutes. The back packing trails will have some water crossings so they need to be able to change shoes on the trail to keep their boots dry.

Fly fishing gear:

We have given you some low cost alternatives for fly rod kits. Some other stuff they will need is a case to protect the new rod (a pvc one is a cheap project), leader, tippet, a case for flies, toe nail or line clippers, fly floatant, small pair of pliers to remove hooks. Most of these can be bought at Walmart for a couple bucks each. We are purchasing flies bulk for the trip so unless you want to bring a special super secret fly you don’t need to worry about them.

Blister protection:

Moleskin is the typical material to protect from blisters. Please make sure your son has their own supply of moleskin. They can also wear a double layer of socks, but the socks need to be thin and if the boots are tight with one pair they won’t fit with two so double check the boots. Cotton socks are not a good option for hiking and after a couple miles will be soaking wet. Please make sure they have good socks for hiking.

I am sure there will be more information coming so make sure you are at troop circle time tomorrow. Parents are welcome to come earlier to the meeting if you have questions.

Thank you,

Scott Adolf