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Note all scouts interested in Booth Sales will have the opportunity to work at least one booth sale but YOU NEED TO LET ME KNOW BY MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd or I will have to open up those times to other scouts.

Please get back to me to see when you are available to work.

Some scouts have requested slots from a prior email I sent out last week.

I will try to get more times for our Troop to work but we were only given 12 booth times to begin with (see below)

I can switch slots this week if there is a better shift for you. I will bring the spreadsheet tonight to the meeting but I did send this out last week. You can look for yourself if you have time just click on the link.


September 25th: Michael Maddy (Freddie Meyer 6-8pm)

September 27: OPEN (Freddie Meyer 4- 6pm)

September 27: OPEN (Freddie Meyer 6-8pm)

October 4th: Wiley Watts (Albertsons 4- 6pm)

October 9th: Devin Harris (Fred Meyers 6-8pm)

October 9th: Kobe Addison (Coburg Albertsons 4-6pm)

October 10: Tyler Addison (Fred Meyers 10am- Noon)

October 11: Nathan Harris (Fred Meyers 10am- noon)

October 17th: OPEN (Coburg Albertsons 4- 6pm)

October 18th: Logan Darling (Fred Meyer 2pm-4pm)

November 7 and 8th we have 2 shifts but I am going to change those as the fundraiser ends on

October 27th for our Troop as I have to have all orders in at TROOP that night so I can do the

final orders by October 30th….my orders are due October 31st and I will be enjoying that day

with my kids so won’t have time to work on POPCORN!!!!!

I can accommodate folks who speak to me tonight at TROOP to change those shifts to something that works for them or email me ASAP.

I know we may have more scouts than shifts allotted at this point but I talked with the Popcorn Kernal and I know I can get a few more.

In the mean time bringing product door to door really helps as well as bringing popcorn to the DUCK games (lots on the South side of Martin Luther King/no Boy Scout Parking Lots Please) this Saturday and October 10th!



541 684-3340