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Hope everyone is having a great year so far. The next two camp outs are right around the corner.

There is only a one week break between the next two so they are going to come at us fast. Here is what is planned:

February 17-19 we are going to Camp Yale at Belknap Hot Springs. We will be heading up to Camp Yale on Friday night and making camp. The boys plan on doing some snowshoeing up to Proxy Falls on Saturday. This will be a day hike and boys will need to have their day packs for the hike and water bottles. Please also wear appropriate clothing for the weather. I have made arragements with Berg’s Ski Shop for boys to rent boots and snowshoes at a discount if they do not have their own. The cost is 5 dollars for boots and 5 dollars for snowshoes.(10 dollars for both) The boots and snowshoes can be picked up on the 17th and have to be returned on the 19th to maintain the pricing. Scouts and Scouters who are going on the trip can get fitted the day of or at anytime prior to the outing. Please let them know you are with Troop 282 to receive the discounted pricing. We will go to the Hot Springs Saturday night to relax and ease are aching muscles. Please bring a bathingsuit and towel. Boys should have clothing to change into for bed when we go to the hot springs because it will be off to bed when we return to camp. We will return the following day, Sunday the 19th.

March 3rd-5th we are going to the Evergreen Aviation Air Museum. The boys will be doing their Aviation Merit Badge on this outing. We will spend March 4th, Saturday, working on the merit badge and seeing the 3D Movie "Legends of Flight". There are 5 requirements for this merit badge. I am told the boys can complete 1-4 at the museum. The 5th requirement involves the Scout learning about 3 career opportunities in aviation. Mr. Watts has ageed to speak with the Scouts about his career as a pilot for Life Flight. He will be speaking with the Troop on February 28th.

It is my goal that every boy who attends the camp out and works on the badge returns with a completed blue card. I WILL NEED TO KNOW BY THE TROOP MEETING ON JANUARY 31ST IF YOUR SCOUT PLANS ON ATTENDING. The Museum is asking for a final count 30 days prior to the event.

Sign ups for both outings will be out at Troop this week. SMA Altmiller will have the permission forms out at Troop. Any scouts that sign up will need to have their parents initials on the sign up sheet also. You may e-mail, text or call with any questions you may have. I will also be at the Troop meeting tomorrow night.

Have a wonderful week,

James Braham


Cell: 541-221-6464