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Summer is almost here. BSA requires boys that go to summer camp have current physical exams with completed BSA medical forms ( part A, B -2 pgs- and C- the medical exam form). For part B it is important that the immunization dates be completed. I especially check to see that the tetanus is current. A copy of the insurance card is also an important part of this document. If you don’t have insurance, a note to that effect is helpful.

To be current, the physical exam (part C) must be completed within the past year.

Any boy or adult going on the July camp out to Southend Oregon for gold panning and Oregon Caves will need part C form completed as well.

Because many insurances only cover the cost of physical exams every 2 years for kids, Dr Murphy and I are able to do the exam for the boys on the "off" year. For boys who had their physical exams done by, and forms completed by, their own physician last year, and wish to partake of this opportunity, Dr Murphy and Dr Weller will be doing exams during troop time on Tues June 2. The boys are asked to bring copies of completed physical exam forms parts A and B, and blank part C, with them to troop that evening. The boy’s ISA account will be charged $25, which is a donation to the general fund.

I will be emailing parents of boys who are eligible for this next week. I would like to know ahead of time how many boys will have physicals.

If you have any questions, please contact me via email.

Annette Weller MD (aka Annette Harkins)