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Enclosed are the groups as worked out by Cameron and Max.

At Troop tonight, we need all groups to get together and decide who will bring each of the following items for their group.

Don will have a piece of paper for each group and each group needs to put a name next to each item.

Tent buddies are not assigned, but need to be worked out amongst the Scouts.

ALL going on the Outbound hikes at Yellowstone (including Adults) need to be there with their groups tomorrow to plan on these items. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE MEETING TONIGHT but if you can be responsible for any of the items REPLY to Deb WATTS and she will forward to Don Harkins.

First Aid Kit (Everyone should bring their own bandaids and moleskin)

1st Stove, Gas, Pot (For boiling water)

2nd Stove, Gas, Pot (For boiling water)

1st Dining fly (8×10’ tarp or plastic) (With Paracord)

2nd Dining fly (8×10’ tarp or plastic)(With Paracord)

Water Filter

1st Bear Bag (With 100’ rope or paracord)

2nd “Oops” Bear Bag (With 100’ rope or paracord)

TP / Shovel

Galatan – A Group

Karl S *Adult Leader

Paul G

Sal S

Connor G

Derek S

Jack S

Duncan Y

Gabe P

Galatan – B Group

Scott A *Adult Leader

Rob M

Orin A

Josiah M

James H

Andrew K

Logan D

Bliss Pass – A Group
Don H *Adult Leader
Zach P
Dale S
Isaiah S
Devin H
Max H
Wiley W
Joshua N

Bliss Pass – B Group

Rod B *Adult Leader

Jake B

Kevin O

Logan B

Austin P

Cameron W

Thomas O

Zak M