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Hello Troop,

I am the Troop treasurer and I wanted let you all know about a change in my health that may effect my ability to do my position, but hopefully not.

I have been feeling really tired lately and have been having some back and "stomach" pain on my left side for a while. I had blood work done last Wednesday and on Friday received a call to go the ER because my white blood cell count was extremely high. I was admitted to River Bend Hospital with the diagnosis of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML). It is very different from Acute Leukemia and is treatable with a long life expectancy. For now, I am taking oral chemo and am trying to get my white cells down to a normal range. Also my spleen will need to shrink back to normal size (which was the stomach pain I felt). I am still very tired! I hope to be able to go home Wednesday. I may struggle with a lack of energy for a while.

I appreciate prayers for my healing,

Karen King