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RESENDING 2 emails in one. SORRY FOR THE MIX up ….can’t figure out what happened

Regular Class A Uniform starts tomorrow.

SCOUTS NEED to BRING A RECIPE to the meeting tomorrow.

Below are some resources for some recipes to be brought to be brought to the meeting:

Topics to be covered at the meeting include:

Cooking with camp stoves


Deb Watts will be at circle to hand out POPCORN ORDER FORMS.

Please make arrangements with Deb if you can’t be there to pick up a form to start taking orders!

Please check the Duck Parking schedule that was sent out last week for the first home game this weekend. Questions contact Don Harkins.

PLC has been rescheduled to September 8th (regular 6pm time).

DUCK PARKING: PLEASE read the document (see attached), sign the form and give to Don Harkins at THIS WEEK at Troop.


Deb Watts

Troop282Duck Parking2015.pdf