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Hello everyone,

We have had an emergency request come in for a flag ceremony for a group of 8 veterans at the Eugene Airport, Atlantic Aviation, 90454 Boeing Dr. Eugene, OR 97402. It appears that 8 of our local WWII veterans are being honored with flights in a 1940’s Boeing Stearman, open air cockpit trainer. They are all residents of Crescent Park Senior Living.

We need at least 3 Scouts to participate in a flag ceremony at 9:30 at the airport. You would need to arrive by 9:10, practice, do the ceremony and then you are free to depart on about your day. The Flag and Stand will be the troops, so one of the group will have to pick them up from me at ECS this week. The first 3 to email Scoutmaster Altmiller will be the color guard this Friday, you will receive 1 hour of service for doing this ceremony. email to: baltmiller

In Him,

Scoutmaster Altmiller