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Hello Troop 282,

Due to the current snow conditions on Santiam pass, we will be changing our troop outing this weekend. There is not enough snow to build shelters so we are switching to a backpacking camp out in the Willamette Pass Area.

We are looking at either going to Boo Boo Lake or Fuji Mountain Shelter. Both are along the same path and a decision will be made on the Trail Saturday to which one we will sleep at. If there is an abundance of snow, we will head to the Fuji Shelter, (the Shelter is 3 sided at not a luxurious resort like the Mountain View shelter). If there isn’t a lot of snow, we will head to Boo Boo Lake. It looks to be about three miles to Boo Boo Lake and just under four miles to Fuji Shelter.

I have made arrangements with Berg’s Ski Shop for boots and snowshoes to be rented at a discounted price, ($5 for boots, $5 for snowshoes). They can be picked up on Friday and returned on Sunday for this price.

We will meet at ECS on Saturday morning at 8:30 am and be returning Sunday around 12:00 pm. Scouts will need to sign up at this Tuesday’s meeting by 7:05 pm at the latest or by 5:00 pm Tuesday on Facebook.

We need ADULTS on this camp out. If your an adult who wants to go and can drive, please let me know ASAP. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow night where we will plan food and logistics. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,

James Braham

Cell: 541-221-6464