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Good Evening Scouts and Scouters,

Thanks to the Scouts (and Scouters) who volunteered to help out with the Pack Blue and Gold Dinner (I believe the meet time at First Baptist is 5:30?).

Just a friendly reminder for adults and Scouts to bring their receipts from the Gold Lake campout.

Scouts will be reviewing the Gold Lake campout.

Please see the below information regarding our current Fundraiser:

Candy bar and Meat sticks will be available for pickup at the meeting on Tues. Feb. 24th !

It’s a great fundraiser to earn money towards Summer Camp.

25 % of the earnings go towards your ISA.

Each item is $1.00 ( there are 60 candy bars per box and 24 meat sticks per bag).

Please note that you cannot return any opened boxes or bags so plan accordingly.

You can always check out more ! Thanks Stacey GambleT282

Reminder there is a Troop Committee meeting at the Coburg Fire Station March 1st at 1pm.


Deb Watts