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Enclosed is the Duck Parking GREEN schedule. Throw away the YELLOW schedule. There were just minor swaps that everyone involved already knows.

So now that we have the Scouts’ schedule figured out, we need to figure out which parents of Scouts are working.

This fundraiser for the Scouts does require parent involvement:

· All 12 and 13 year old Scouts MUST accompany their son.

· All “go home” shift parents must work the shift with their son.

· All 6-11pm concierge Scouts must accompany their son. (The 6-8pm concierge shift is parent optional)

We will need at least 4 parents to work the Parking shift: One for lot manager, one for handling the money, one for guarding the Youth Services gate, and one or more to managing parking issues. We need 4 parents to make this work, but we can use as many as 6 parents.

Parents who would like to have their BSA Registration paid for and their expenses for campouts, need to volunteer at least 3 Duck Parking shifts and have at least 22 hours of fundraising. This would qualify you as a “Scouter in Good Standing” Just to be clear, if you don’t work Duck Parking, it doesn’t mean that you are a “Bad Scouter”, it just means that you haven’t put in the minimum level of time during fundraisers to have your registration and campout expenses paid. Also, while there will remain a minimum of at least 3 Duck Parking shifts, there is a proposal to reduce the number of hours required of Adults which will be voted on at the next Committee meeting.

Remember too that Parents must read the Duck Parking Guide and sign the last page. Parents must also have registered with BSA and completed the youth protection online training. If the parent has not these, and they are required to be there with their Scout (see above), their Scout will not be able to work that shift.

If you are a parent and would like to work the parking shifts, please email Mr. Harkins with the dates that you are and are not available:

3-Sept, UC Davis Game

10-Sept, Virginia Game

24-Sept, Colorado Game

8-Oct, Washington Game

29-Oct, Arizona State Game

12-Nov, Stanford Game

Thank you for helping to make Duck Parking Troop282’s most lucrative fundraiser!

Mr. Harkins


541-232-9307 cell

541-687-7581 home