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Good Afternoon Scouts and Scouters,

We were just informed that the contract between Troop 100 and Lane County has been extended through the 2016 Season. Thus, Troop 282 will continue to manage the Armory Lot as a subcontractor to Troop 100 next football season. This fundraiser that brings in over $9,000 for Troop 282 and Scout’s ISAs will continue at least through next year! More importantly, this fundraiser provides a means for Scouts to interact with the public in a positive way while learning important job skills.

Every three years, the contract with Lane County goes to a competitive bid to manage the lots for parking cars for University of Oregon Football Games. The current contract between Lane County and Troop 100 expires June 30, 2016. Because patrons need to know who is managing the lot next year, Lane County has agreed to extend the contract for one year. Troop 100 intends to continue bidding on the opportunity to park cars, but nothing is assured past next season at this time. The relationship between Troop 282 and Troop 100 remains strong and there is no reason to believe that there would be any change to Troop 282 continuing to subcontract a) the management of Armory RV Lot, b) the Guard Duty on MLK from 6am to the opening of the lot, or c) the Scout Curb Duty waving cars into the lots when they are open.


Don Harkins