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Hello Scouts, Scouters, and Parents:

If your scout is 12 or older, they are now eligible for some duck parking jobs. This year, there are several jobs that 12 & 13 year old Scouts can do with their parents accompanying them (guard duty, curb duty, & cans/bottles). All jobs are available for Scouts 14 years and over. As in previous years, we try our best to accommodate everyone’s top choices for games and jobs they want most to work.

Please read through the enclosed document and sign the page saying that you have read and agree to it. We must have a signed agreement from everyone who works at Duck Parking jobs. (That includes parents and Scouters — who also need to have a current Youth Protection certificate too)

Note that this year, Parents and Scouters will not be paid for their work. As adults, we help our Scouts to fundraise for their ability to pay for their trip to Camp Easton and Yellowstone next year! However, by working at least 4 Duck Parking jobs, you become a Scouter in good standing and will have your campouts and BSA Registration paid for by the Troop.

So here are the dates for working. There are 7 home games. Please rank (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…etc) the jobs that you would like to do with 1 being your top choice and 9 being one that you could still work but you would rather not. Also, put a 0 (zero) next to those games/jobs that you know you cannot work.

Fri, Sept 4 night concierge

Sat, Sept 5 guard duty

Sat, Sept 5 parking

Sat, Sept 5 curb duty

Sat, Sept 5 cans/bottles

Fri, Sept 18 night concierge

Sat, Sept 19 parking

Sat, Sept 19 curb duty

Sat, Sept 19 cans/bottles

Fri, Sept 25 night concierge

Sat, Sept 26 guard duty

Sat, Sept 26 parking

Sat, Sept 26 waving

Sat, Sept 26 cans/bottles

Fri, Oct 9 night concierge

Sat, Oct 10 guard duty

Sat, Oct 10 parking

Sat, Oct 10 curb duty

Sat, Oct 10 cans/bottles

Fri, Nov 6 night concierge

Sat, Nov 7 guard duty

Sat, Nov 7 parking

Sat, Nov 7 curb duty

Sat, Nov 7 cans/bottles

Fri, Nov 20 night concierge

Sat, Nov 21 guard duty

Sat, Nov 21 parking

Sat, Nov 21 curb duty

Sat, Nov 21 cans/bottles

Fri, Nov 27 night concierge

Sat, Nov 28 guard duty

Sat, Nov 28 parking

Sat, Nov 28 curb duty

Sat, Nov 28 cans/bottles

Please reply to this email by Friday, August 21. I hope to let you know soon after which dates you will be working. Remember that once you have been given dates to work, you are committed to work those dates and if you are unable to work any of your assigned dates, contact me. You may not swap games with others without coordinating with me. So please rank only those games that you are sure that you can work.

Thank you. This will be an exciting season and a great opportunity to earn money for going to summer camp next year!

Mr. Harkins

Duck Parking T282 Coordinator


Troop282Duck Parking2015.pdf