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If you are not working Duck parking on Saturday, Sept. 30th, you have the opportunity to be of service back at the campgrounds where we went for Camporee in May!

This is our way to thank the Army Corps of Engineers for letting us use their campgrounds for free for our event. See the flyer for details. But, contact Mrs. Busse if you are able to sign up to do this, please!

She will turn in the list of scouts and adults for our whole troop.

You must stay the entire four hours to receive credit for working. They are going to provide free food for all workers! Woo-hoo!

Email Mrs. Busse by next Thursday 9/13 at csbusse.

This is a Greenwood district-wide service project.

On this service project, it is my understanding that camping is optional. It is only a 20 minute drive or so from here.