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Good Afternoon,

Here is the 2015 T282 Duck Parking schedule. We have tried to take into consideration everyone’s top choices for job duties and games that they would like to work.

Adults/Parents: Note that this schedule does not include adults. We have tried our best to coordinate adult schedules though, because several families have a couple of brothers working. Parents of 12/13 yo Scouts should always show up with their son for their shift, since this is a requirement for your son to work. Parents of the Scouts on Concierge duty also need to show up with their Scouts. We would like parents of older Scouts to show up and assist too – please contact Mr. Harkins if you are able to help out. We need a minimum of 4 adults per game to help coordinate parking the lot, but the adult coordination will be a game by game sign up. (As a reminder, Adults need at least 22 hours – 4 shifts of 5.5 hours each — to be “in good standing.” For most, that is at least one more shift than your son has.) We need adults to help this fundraiser, campouts and the Troop work. Please remember to thank the great adults that silently help our Troop like our Treasurer, Email coordinators, Candy/Meatstick/Popcorn coordinators, parent coordinator, webmaster, advancement chair, those who always take our boys on campouts, and of course, Scoutmaster for volunteering their time. Adults helping out with Duck Parking can be your way of giving to the Troop too!

We have tried to arrange the schedule so that older Scouts will work 16-20 hours and 12/13 yo Scouts will work 7-12 hours for parking during the season. Times are approximate and subject to change or if the lot fills early, some will be released early. While we haven’t worked out the finances yet, we hope that Scouts will earn $15+/hour for the parking jobs and $6+/hour for the cans/bottles jobs. This is always a great fundraiser for our Troop.

Again, if someone has a conflict with their schedule, please contact Mr. Harkins immediately (harkinsdon or 541-232-9307 cell) and he will rearrange the schedule. If you do not see your name on the schedule and are 12 or over, please contact Mr. Harkins and he will slot you in when people call in sick or changes are made.

Please be sure that adults and Scouts have read the handout and signed that you have read the handout. Please turn these in to Mr. Harkins next Tuesday at Troop. Adults, please also be sure you have completed your Youth Protection training on-line. We want to be sure everyone knows what to do, that our patrons all have fun, and that we stay safe!

Thank you everyone for your patience and GO DUCKS!

Mr. Harkins

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